Urban Classics Boxer Shorts 3-Pack island aop+lime+grey - M

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At the latest the second the jeans fall down, the moment of truth has come. At this point you dont wanna be caught with holey knit underwear, wanting to disappear into the ground with shame. Instead you should have some sensible boxers at your side that stand firm and proud, as maybe some other things. This value pack offers you three different color motifs at a special price. Each boxer shorts is equipped with a continuous Urban Classics lettering on the waistband and fits perfectly. Farba: island aop+lime+grey Zloženie: Oberstoff 1: 95% Baumwolle 5% Elasthan, island aop/Single Jersey, 160 GSMOberstoff 2: 95% Baumwolle 5% Elasthan, electriclime/Single Jersey, 160 GSMOberstoff 3: 85% Baumwolle 10% Viskose 5% Elasthan, grey/Single Jersey, 160 GSM