Southpole Bomber Jacket black - M

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The masculine men's bomber jacket is equipped with classic aviator features: wide collar from Sherpa fabric, a zip pocket on the sleeve and elastic, wide cuffs on sleeves and hem. Also, the aviator jacket offers two large side pockets with buttons and panels as well as a handy chest pocket. A Southpole embroidery logo takes care of the style, while the cut is a comfy loose fit. The jacket is made of nylon and taffeta. Farba: black Zloženie: Shell Fabric 1: 100% Nylon&Polyamide, Nylon Twill, 123 gsmShell Fabric 2: 100% Polyester, Sherpa, 230 gsmShell Fabric 3: 100% Polyester, Twill, 320 gsmLining 1: 100% Polyester, 75D 230 T